Accounting & Auditing

The right way the first time

Accounting & Auditing

The right way the first time

Financial statement planning is as important as tax planning.

The reliability and accuracy of financial statements is critically important, especially in today’s economic environment, as creditors and other users continue to tighten credit and scrutinize the accounting reporting process. We meet with clients throughout the year to continually monitor your financial results and to ensure and prepare for compliance with loan and financing requirements.

Whether your need is for an audit, review, compilation or a financial statement preparation you can be assured of the quality of your financial statements and their compliance with the ever changing accounting and auditing standards.

Assurance Services

We offer a wide range of financial statement services

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We are well respected in the financing and banking communities.

We are proud of the feedback we receive from financial statement users, including bankers, on the quality and the clarity of our financial statements. We believe this reflects our philosophy of keeping the reader in mind. We often hear that our financial statements are more comprehensive and of a quality on par with firms which are much larger than ours. We would accept nothing less from ourselves.

Accounting and auditing services are not driven by our clients but required by outside sources such as banks, bonding companies or investors. However, we believe this outside requirement is an opportunity to provide value by helping our clients better understand their business, achieve their goals and continue to succeed.

Make your accounting services investment work for you.

Our accounting and auditing work is collaborative and we strive to work efficiently and effectively every time. What better way to understand your business needs than by engaging you in our process? We work with you to analyze your financial statements in order to find innovative solutions to all business needs.

The secret to our audit begins with planning.

Our audit approach is client specific. We develop our audit plan after a thorough understanding of your business operations, processes and risks. With a broad range of audit procedures available, we design our audit programs to deliver our client a focused and industry specific audit process. Prior to the commencement of any accounting work, we hold a meeting to:

  • Discuss strategic objectives for the fiscal year.
  • Inquire about changes that have taken place, or are anticipated to take place.
  • Provide insight into developments in the regulatory and economic environments.
  • Review trends in the marketplace and how they affect competitors and suppliers.
  • Analyze prior years financial data to identify trends.
  • Discuss interpretation of information in an understandable and meaningful format.

Reviews and compilations

When an audit is not necessary or required we provide review and compilation services. We work with you to determine which option is best.

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